Science Fair Introductory Packet and Timeline

The 7th grade students are busy gathering information on their topics and writing the research papers in ELA for their Science Fair projects. They have submitted an idea proposal form and are working toward generating their hypothesis, materials list, and method. Attached is a copy of the Science Fair introductory and tentative timeline given to the students earlier in the school year. Please use this … Continue reading Science Fair Introductory Packet and Timeline

Summer Reading/Writing Workshop

St. Rita Summer Reading/Writing Workshop June 12th-July 28th Tuesdays & Thursdays from: 2 sessions-9:30-11:30 and 12:30-2:30 (Subject to change upon the amount of signups) A Summer Reading & Writing Workshop is a popular way of organizing a class based on the idea that students learn to read and write best when they do so more frequently, for extended periods of time, and on topics of their own … Continue reading Summer Reading/Writing Workshop