VeloSano Fundraiser Underway!

Dear Friends and Family of St. Rita School,

The initiative for the VeloSano Kids project was thought of by members of St. Rita School National Junior Honor Society. 100% of the money raised by St. Rita students will directly benefit lifesaving pediatric cancer research at Cleveland Clinic Children’s through VeloSano Kids.

Each class will fundraise for two weeks from April 16-26. On Friday, April 27, an assembly will be held at St. Rita School. During this assembly, the total amount of money raised by classes will be revealed, and the two teachers who raised the most amount of money during this time will square off in a bike race around the school. The winning teacher of the race will win a Panera “Bread for a Year” certificate, and the losing teacher will help serve lunch the following Monday.

Donations can be made online now (St. Rita School Velosano Fundraising Page) by clicking on the teacher’s name in the “Project Roster” column to the right, then clicking “Donate Now” on the right side of their page. It can also be done by sending in small bills and loose change into school with St. Rita students, where there will be collection jars in each classroom. Or, here are the links for the Junior High Teachers:

Ms. Kocon     Mrs. Kennedy     Mr. Richards     Mrs. Wilson

Each gift, no matter how much, funds the important research taking place to save and improve the lives of our children. When you support VeloSano Kids, you’re providing hope. You’re helping fund breakthroughs. You’re making science in the lab become a reality in the hospital for our patients and families affected by cancer – now and in the future.

Please join us so that together, we can help support Cleveland Clinic Children’s and VeloSano Kids.

Thank you again for your support.

-St. Rita School National Junior Honor Society