8th Grade T-Shirt Ordering Information

This form/information was also given to 8th grade students today.

8th Grade T-Shirt Sale

Hope everyone is having a great school year.  Currently, our 8th grade students are busy creating the 2018 class tee shirts.  The winning artwork will appear on the front and the graduation year “18” will appear on the back with signatures of the entire class inside the numbers.  The students will wear these shirts on many occasions this year, such as field trips, spirit days and several activities with their first grade littles.  We will provide for one short sleeve shirt for each student through our class funds.  We encourage you to purchase an additional shirt as well.  This is a class fundraising activity.  Additional funds collected will be used to subsidize costs on 8th grade expenses during the year.  If you would like to order an additional shirt, the cost is as follows:

Short sleeved – $10.00 | Long sleeved –    $15.00

Please detach the bottom portion of this form and indicate the shirt size for the short sleeve tee and any additional shirts you wish to purchase for your student.  Please make checks payable to St. Rita School.  Please return this form and payment by Wednesday, November 15th to Tina Parfejewiec, c/o Marissa 8-2.