A message from the St. Rita Athletic Boosters – Night at the Races

Hi Parents!

You all have probably gotten emails advertising the St. Rita Athletic Boosters annual fundraiser “Night at the Races.”  It’s a really fun time and I would encourage all parents to attend.  This years’ event is on November 11.

Along that same topic, some of us parents have volunteered to handle the “Wine Pull” for the fundraiser.  Attendees are given an option to purchase a number which corresponds to a bottle of wine.  I am asking for some wine donations (to be at least $10 or above).  If you are like me, you probably have a bottle of wine or two hanging out at your house that you are willing to donate!  Because the wine is all donated, the proceeds are pure profit for St. Rita Athletics.  Night at the Races is a large fundraiser for the St. Rita Athletic Boosters and hopefully we can all do our part to help keep the program financially strong.

If you would like to donate a bottle of wine (or two), please let me know by email and I will be happy to arrange a pickup.  If you would prefer to drop them off, let me know.  I have dropoff spots located in Reminderville, Solon, and Bentleyville.  My email is alohan33@hotmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation!  We are grateful for any help we can get!

Angela Lohan, Helen Szmagala, and Jen Toth